Our purpose

Witness To The World

“Join Us As We Witness To The World!!”

It’s amazing how Our Messiah YAHUSHA Says that if we want to inherit the reign of shamaym (heaven), we must change and return as a child ~ Matt. 18:3-4

This is really the “root” of the initiative WTTW... as a child, I would always watch programs on the popular children’s network “PBS Kids.” In Chicago, “WTTW” (Window to the World) is the primary television station licensed to host “PBS Kids.” Television shows such as Arthur, Cyberchase, Sesame Street, and Caillou were some of the ones I enjoyed the most, and still remember, even to this day. These, along with PBS Kids’ 60-second promo entitled “Ready To Learn,” have also inspired me to grow, to learn, and to also inspire the entire world.

And that’s what WTTW is all about... Witnessing To The World, only this time, providing more than just education.

As A Worldwide Immersions Network (WIN), WTTW is an organization that seeks to host immersions worldwide in the Restored Name of the Father and the Son, along with providing a worldwide database for resources, tools, forums, projects, and educational platforms for everyone to grow in their spiritual walk and journey.

WTTW also strives to educate the world and supply witnessing resources and tools in every language, in order to educate the world about Our Creator -- Starting With HIS Restored Name.

We also seek to provide an understanding of Scripture as a whole -- keeping the Laws, Statutes, Commands and Instructions of Our Father YAHUAH, along with the Amunah (Belief) Of Our Messiah YAHUSHA, as well as the Ancient Yahudym/Hebrew language, culture, and heritage that has been hidden for thousands of years -- Until Now. We strive to provide everyone with the tools, resources, and abilities that they need for their spiritual walk and journey: regardless of language, background, origin, and nationality... No Person Left Behind!

Join Us As We Witness To The World!!