WTTW "Witness" Programs

W itness Program
I mmersions Program
T estimonials Program (Video)
N etworking Program (Translations)
E very-Person Prayer Program (Prayer)
S tarting Orphanages, Libraries, Projects Program
S criptures Program (Restored Scriptures Version)

Witness Program • STEP ONE

WTTW Witness/Representative will be responsible for passing out WTTW witnessing tools, pamphlets, bookmarks, resources, cards, guides, etc. to those around them as an Effective Witness -- as they witness The Great News all over the world: these witnessing tools will be available in every language worldwide

Immersions Program • STEP TWO

WTTW Witness/Representative(s) becomes the “representative” for Immersions in said representative’s native country, location, or area ( AFTER said representative has been I mmersed in the Restored Names ). The WTTW Representative(s) will then lead Immersions in their respective country, area, and also language/tongue, log Immersion times, dates, and locations, and will then report back to WTTW Admin(s) to log and track Immersion times. WTTW Representative(s) will also schedule and arrange Immersion with the person requesting for Immersion, along with the WTTW Admin(s) The WTTW Representative(s) will have an Immersions Resource Packet that will be available for the person(s) who will be getting Immersed, available in their respective language(s), along with other witnessing tools and references.

For Example (Refer To Finland Example Below Also)

Let’s say a person(s) attends the WIN Conference in the U.K. and decides to become Immersed in the Restored Names...

these person(s) are from Germany, and they speak German

  • -  WHEN they decide to join the WTTW Immersions Program, WE, WTTW, will then hand them out thousands of copies worth of witnessing tools, materials, and WTTW pamphlets that they will pass out as part of the WTTW Worldwide Initiative Network (WIN) Program, wherever they go...

  • -  These materials will be available to them in German, and any other languages that they speak.

  • -  Once they have returned back to Germany, and are now familiar with the Restored Names and comfortable enough to do Immersions, they will become the “contact point” for Germany, as the WTTW Representative For Germany.

  • -  They will be in charge of Immersions In Germany!

  • -  When someone new reaches out to the website via email, etc. and is looking to have an Immersion in Germany, the WTTW Representative In Germany becomes that “contact point,” and the two of them will schedule to have an Immersion with a date, time, and location -- coordinated with us, WTTW.

  • -  Once the date, time, and Immersion location is agreed upon, the WTTW Representative In Germany will host the Immersion and report back to us so we can log their Immersion...

  • -  Once the person has been Immersed and has accomplished their Immersion, WHEN they too have decided to join the WTTW Witness, Immersions, Testimonials Program, we then (WTTW) and the WTTW Representative that’s already in Germany will give them witnessing tools in German (along with English and any other languages that they speak) and the Immersions Resources Packet, So That THEY TOO Will Witness To The World!!

  • -  And So On...

Testimonials Program (Also Video Program) •  STEP THREE

  • WTTW Representative(s) will share their testimony before, during, and after their Immersion -- which will be filmed for the YouTube channel: no more than 10 minutes. This will be filmed in the person’s native tongue(s), along with English.

  • The person can also have their testimonial quoted for the website on the Testimonials Page , if they DO NOT want to consent for filming on camera

  • For Example: If a person(s) from Finland is interested in joining the Testimonials Program at their Immersion and would like to join WTTW, the person(s) would then consent to have their video and voice on-camera. They will then film after their Immersion answers to a questionnaire that will be no longer than 10 minutes, no longer than 5 questions. This will be filmed in Suomi and English.

  • The video will be posted on the WTTW YouTube Channel , and will have the title “WTTW Finland”

  • WE (WTTW) will then give the newly WTTW Representative witnessing tools, references, and the Immersion Resource Packet in their respective language(s), so Suomi and English in this case, to take back home with them to Finland, so that they too will become a Witness To The World!!

  • Now that this WTTW Representative(s) have been Immersed in the Restored Names, they now become the “representative” and the “point of contact” for Finland, and will be in charge of hosting Immersions in and around Finland... If a new person contacts and reaches out to WTTW via email, website, etc. and requests an Immersion to be done in Finland, The WTTW Representative In

Finland becomes that point of contact, and will

schedule/arrange for the new person to be Immersed

  • The new person will have their Immersion in Finland, will

    receive witnessing tools if they are interested in joining WTTW, and also receive an Immersions Resource Packet in their native tongue(s), Suomi and English in this case, if they are interested in joining the Immersions Program

  • So That THEY TOO Will Witness To The World!!

  • And So On...

Another Example: For subsequent Immersions and even Immersions before (Immersions done during Tabernacles, Unleavened Bread, and even Immersions In Ireland) -- these will be known as “WTTW Ireland”, “WTTW USA” and the footage from these Immersions can go on the WTTW YouTube channel, along with photos on the WTTW Website

Network Program

  • -  WTTW Representative(s) will assist in translations

  • -  This will include translating articles, videos, subtitles, documents,

    witnessing tools, resources, etc.

  • -  Along with networking with others in The Restored Walk to help

    assist with Events (such as Immersions) in other parts of the world, along with assisting in the start of the WTTW Online Forums , and the WTTW Multilingual 24-Hour Prayer Line

Every-Person Prayer Program (No Person Left Behind)

  • Prayer program

  • 24-hour prayer line

  • To be online, and over the phone

  • Prayer Using The Restored Names!!

  • Available In Multiple Languages


Starting Orphanages, Libraries, Projects Program

  • Part Of WTTW CARES

  • Initiative that will help fund orphanages, libraries, and also Immersions worldwide to “third world countries” -- along with resources such as the Restored Scriptures, witnessing tools available in multiple languages, and more!

  • Charitable Organization

Scriptures Program

  • Funding The “Restored Scriptures Version”

  • Scriptures With The Restored Names, Places, Titles, And Locations

  • eBook/PDF version also available, publication

  • Also part of the Projects Program (See Above)

  • These will be the Scriptures that we take and witness with all over the world!!
    (To orphanages, etc.)

  • Available online = option-to-donate (Available FOR FREE!)

  • WTTW Representatives in this department will be in charge of managing orders, shipping, logging shipments and locations where Scriptures are sent, amount (how many Scriptures are shipped and when, where, etc.) -- also publication costs, responsibilities, etc.

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